You Can Now Reap What You Sow

If you think agriculture is only about farming, think again… Today, there are numerous opportunities & high paying jobs in the Agriculture Industry. You can be an Agricultural Engineer, an Agricultural Economist or even start your own business in this field.

Nearly 70 per cent of India's population is completely dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. In this situation, there exists an important need for educated farmers in the agricultural sector. By stepping into this field of Agriculture, one can explore a lucrative career either in agriculture engineering or management or even in marketing.

One can also explore a career as an Agricultural Extension Officer, Field Officer, Rural Development Officer in Nationalized Banks. Equivalently, there is enormous job potential for employees in various agricultural departments of states.

Students who are keen on pursuing a career in the Agricultural industry can consider upcoming career options as they have a lot of scope in the future; given the fact that India’s economy is still primarily dominated by the agriculture sector.

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Some new-age career options are in the fields of Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture, Dairy Technology, Poultry Farming, Fisheries Science, Agronomy, Agricultural Economics, Agri-Business Management, and Agricultural Bio-Technology.

In a Nutshell
Aspirants with a Degree in Agriculture have an amazing career ahead. They can get jobs in the following firms -
♦   Research Organizations
♦   Seed Companies
♦   Pesticide Companies
♦   Fertilizer Companies
♦   NABARD (even an Agricultural Engineer can apply)
♦   Educational Institutes