A Career in Sports Physiotherapy

Are you interested in medicine but don’t entertain the idea of working in a hospital? Are you also passionate about sports?

Well, here’s an alternate path you may want to explore that can fulfil your ambition of being a skilled medical professional, continue with your passion for sports and not work in a hospital — a career in Sports Physiotherapy.

According to the sports sponsorship valuation engine POWA Index, the Indian sports market is growing at 15 per cent per annum against the global growth rate of 5 per cent. In simple words, the sports industry in the country has been growing at a rapid rate which has thrown open a wide array of lucrative jobs in the market.

Who is a Sports Physiotherapist?

A sports physiotherapist is a professional who plays a very significant role in training sportspersons in various fields and manages sports injuries whenever required. Sports physiotherapists or physios have to treat a plethora of sports injuries, so specialisation is paramount to be a qualified physio.

Educational Qualifications:

You need to choose Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as the main subjects in Class XII. After successfully completing your 12th Standard, you need to enroll yourself in a reputed institution which offers a Diploma in Physiotherapy or a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy. This course last for 3-4 years depending on the institute.

Admission to these courses in India are provided on basis of rank in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). These exams are usually held in the month of May-June and contain objective type questions. The results of these exams are normally out in June/July.

After successfully completing your Bachelor’s/Diploma, you can opt for a private job in a sports academy or an association which grooms athletes/teams.

Here comes your real test where all your knowledge is put into practice. Ensure that you garner as much experience in your first job since that will set the tone and give you a good edge over your competitors when you apply to the bigger organisations/teams.

Salary of a Sports Physiotherapist:

The current physio of the Indian cricket team, Nitin Patel, earns close to Rs. 1.17 crore if not more. However, you need to work your way up to earning that much of money, but having said that, there’s no denying that being a sports physio can make your life a good life, and possibly even a lavish one.

Let’s just say, the ball’s in your court!

- Noel D’Souza
Senior Sports Journalist