Do you want to be the next Indian Scientist to launch a satellite? Read more to understand the career options in space science & technology

The recent space missions like Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan and satellite launching by Indian scientists, have infused space fever in most of us.

Following the Chandrayaan 2 mission, the HRD Ministry is encouraging students to take up careers in aerospace engineering. Its ‘Swayam’ online portal will offer courses on the subject which will help students acquire skills and knowledge on designing, manufacturing and maintenance of spacecraft, rocket propulsion, etc.

What are the career options in space science & technology?

Astronaut –

Astronauts may be the first professionals that come to mind when most people think about careers in space science, but they make up only a very small number of all space science employees.

To become one, you must meet the stringent physical fitness criteria and undergo rigorous training. Competition is fierce, and only the most exceptional candidates make it to the training program for astronauts.

Space Engineers –

Engineers design spacecraft, space vehicles and space stations, and also create the space satellites that predict weather and climatic conditions and facilitate broadcasting and communications.

R&D –

Scientists from diverse streams make up the research and development team. Space Science is an interdisciplinary field of pure and applied sciences, and includes opportunities for experts from almost all streams. They can be astrophysicists, biologists, chemists, geologists, meteorologists or physicists.

Technologists –

Technologists and technicians often work closely with engineers and scientists to build, test and improvise upon various kinds of space projects and technological innovations.

Experts –

Experts in Space Science and Technology often get to work on innovative technologies and space secrets such as:

- Developing advanced technical infrastructure needed for space exploration
- Mapping distant planets and stars
- Studying galaxies
- Making new discoveries about the solar system
- Studying satellites and how they affect Earth, etc.

There are many opportunities to work in outer space-related fields, ranging from actual travel to the outer limits to creating the vehicles that take people there.

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