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4 EXAM TIPS To Help You Prepare For Your Exams & Complete Your Paper on Time

- Smile A Lot & Be Positive:

Be cheerful students - You have worked hard.

Be positive and study for 7 hours daily. First read the text and then attempt the questions.

Know the format and prepare.

Be cool. Exams are a simple test match, like a final net practice! Nobody loses, all win, but the performance parameters are different.

- Plan Your Day, Exercise & Eat Healthy:

On the day of the exams, get up at 6:30am, have a bath, pray, do small exercises of the hands and legs.

Have a good breakfast. Eat what you like, not Kurkure or Pasta, but a proper nutritious breakfast which will keep you full till 2 in the afternoon. Drink a lot of water to keep the throat wet which dries due to tension.

- Make a Checklist & Keep Calm on The Day of Your Exam:

Make a checklist. Check your hall ticket, stationery items and pack your bag the day before your exam.

Wear light clothes, sober colours. Wear suitable footwear.

Feel happy that you are testing yourself. The papers are always easy but you look at it differently.

Do not carry books to the exam centre as they add to the tension.

Do not converse with anyone in your centre, others will make you nervous. Either sit in the car till the bell rings for entry, or stand in a corner telling yourself, “I CAN AND I WILL DO WELL.”

Do not try to revise anything at the exam centre because all that you have learnt is there in your memory which will come to your mind as per the questions. Every individual is blessed with different styles of learning and memory.

- Time Management To Complete Your Paper:

Manage your time well. Always finish the paper 10 minutes before. Calculate the time per question. Divide the minutes by the number of questions. For example your English paper is for 3 hours (180 minutes), consider 170 minutes and divide by the number of questions i.e. in English there are 7 big questions. Look at your watch and manage time.

Always remember, there is no competition. There are opportunities for all. Do not worry, but be confident and honest. Read the Question paper first and then solve it. SMILE AT THE PAPER and then take the pen in your hand to write

Shailaja Mulay, Chief Career Counsellor @ FutureFocusIndia.com