A Newsletter To Help You Enjoy The Sunrise By Opening The Windows Of Opportunities January 2020

A New Year & A New Decade Has Begun!

Have you ever thought of something you would like to do starting with the New Year?

If you are still wondering which resolutions you can make, here are some clues –

I shall improve my health — eat less junk, stop sodas; and exercise more often.
I will be positive — more tolerant and less angry; will laugh more and sulk less.
I will study harder, better my grades, think about career and be responsible.
I will improve myself — be more organized, manage my time and be independent.
I will get spiritual — meditate, do the right thing, and be nicer and kinder to people.
I will be more social and I will do so by actually spending lesser time on social media.

The future belongs to those who dream big & make use of all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, go make 2020 your favourite year ☺ Happy New Year!

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Dr. Shefali Batra
To read more click here - http://theteenagertoday.com/the-new-year-is-here