A Newsletter To Help You Enjoy The Sunrise By Opening The Windows Of Opportunities April 2017



Choosing the right career option is the most important decision in everyone's life. Students now have a plethora of options to choose from depending on their interest. Let us look at a few options below

1. Big Data and Analytics:

Big data analytics is basically the process of examining large volumes of data sets to uncover useful information. Many Business schools and institutes provide courses in Business Analytics and Big Data. A variety of jobs like Data Architect, Data Scientist, Data Mining and many more can be taken up.

2. Event Management

OPlanning and organizing events can be stressful – This has given rise to the concept of Event Management. Event management involves organizing a focused event. It involves developing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events such as concerts, parties, seminars exhibitions etc. No formal degree or qualification is required, but the person should have a genuine passion for organizing events.

3. Image Consultant

Career as an Image consultant or a makeover consultant is one of the talked about career fields today. Image consultants give you advice on how to enhance your looks. They advise individuals on all aspects of personal appearance, presentation and public speaking. They evaluate the overall appearance and determine how best to achieve a look that will reflect the best attributes of a person.

4. Graphic Artist

Graphic designers or graphic artists are artists are in demand today due to the expansion of the Internet, gaming and App Development industry. They develop design briefs, think creatively to produce ideas and concepts and make interactive designs in line with the product brief. One needs to have knowledge of designing software like - Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. Graphic Artists help give a client a distinct identity and help them to effectively communicate to the target audience through graphic arts.

Future - Proof Your Career

♦  Keep a tab on trends: Spot and learn to recognize the current demands of the market. Then get the required training accordingly.

♦  Be a Lifelong Learner: Keep learning and developing your skills. The market is dynamic and keeps changing. Technology keeps changing so be prepared to relearn and remember to stay on top.

♦  Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Stepping out of your comfort zones will allow you to get new ideas and thought processes. Stay confident and be open to experiments