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Q.Where do polar bears vote?

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Answer : The North Poll

Teacher : What is the difference between an orange and an apple?

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Student : Color of Orange is orange, but color of apple is not APPLE

Q. Why is a fish easy to weigh?

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Answer : Because it has its own scales!

Q.What kind of bird works at a construction site?

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Answer : : A crane!

Lady : What is the name of your car?

Man : I forgot the name, but it starts with "T"

Lady : Oh, what a strange car, starts with Tea. All the cars that I know need petrol!

Two Children were talking

A : Meet my new born brother

B : Oh, he is so handsome! What's his name?

A : I don't know. I can't understand a word he says!

Teacher : Which is closer, Sun or America?

Student : America

Teacher : Why?

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Answer : We can see the sun all the time, but we can't see America

Teacher : Which is your Native place?

Riya : Maharashtra Ma'am

Teacher : Can you spell it?

Riya : Actually, my native place is Goa