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What Independent India Wants From The Nation's Youth

Wake Up, Young India! Your country needs you...

This year we are celebrating our 70th year of independence.

Our hope for a better tomorrow lies with the Indian youth. Young India has copious energy and the caliber to make possible what seems impossible and turn this dream into a reality. So what does Independent India want from its youth?

We want India to become a country where all our countrymen are able to have a dignified existence and afford the basic necessities of life: food, clothes, shelter, sanitation, education and connectivity. We need freedom from poverty and corruption.

Invest your passion

Every living soul is born with a purpose, possesses a distinctive passion and has been blessed with a unique talent by the Almighty. Once your passion is identified get the best possible knowledge and invest it back into the development of the country.

Think big

Youth need to think big to utilize their education and talent towards developing the nation. The thought process must be at the macro level and never on a micro level.


India wants its youth to think different and innovate without being scared of failure. It may take many attempts to develop something new, but make the promise to 'never give up'. Accept failures, analyze mistakes and bounce back. It is vital to learn to start-up and stand-up to innovate.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Shweta Dhanuka
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