It's All About The Money!

Careers in Financial Management

Most people assume that a career in financial management is all about a big fat salary! However, few people will tell you that it is not as rosy as it seems.

It is not about a man in a suit punching his calculator, it is about being responsible for the financial health of the organisation which could also mean long working hours and tough deadlines.

Finance professionals produce financial reports, advise stakeholders on investments and develop plans for the long-term financial goals of the company.

Finance managers help individuals and companies develop plans that will ensure their present and future financial stability.

Typical duties include –
♦  Reviewing financial reports
♦  Monitoring accounts
♦  Preparing activity reports
♦  Financial forecasts
♦  Investigating ways to improve profitability
♦  Analyzing markets for business opportunities, such as expansion, mergers or acquisitions.

There are various roles in financial management that one could pursue. Some of them are –
♦  Financial Advisors
♦  Financial Analysts
♦  Credit Controllers
♦  Treasury Officers
♦  Taxation Specialists
♦  Risk Managers
♦  Chartered Accountants
♦  Insurance Managers

How do I get there?
There are various options available in the courses of study. A bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, accounting, economics or a related area is the minimum requirement to enter this field. There are various other options to specialize, however, one must have the right analytical skills and aptitude to be able to have a fruitful career in financial management.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Dr. Vibha Gupta
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