A Career For ‘like’ Minded People

Are you constantly on your cell phone scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter?

Have you ever reached a point where your parents or teachers have walked past you leaving you to cover your screens for the hundredth time? Well, you don’t have to fear anymore.

A career in social media is now a reality!

What is this career about?

With the boom in the digital sector, companies can no longer rely only on traditional forms of media — radio, televisions to increase their reach.

Social media is that particular medium which companies use primarily to digitally establish a connect with a large number of consumers using common platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

The basic prerequisite for any role in the social media ecosystem calls for the candidate to be an addict to the medium. You need to have a good command over the English language. Why English? ’Coz that’s the universal language corporates follow and is widely used on social media.

How do I reach there?

A course in social media marketing from any reputed university/institution after your graduate will help further your cause and might even raise your stakes to be selected when it comes to making a choice during an interview.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to bite your nails for options. All institutions offering mass media courses will have an auxiliary social media course as well, but like I mentioned earlier, it’s better if you gain a degree from the best as you want to be the from the crème de la crème of candidates.

More importantly, you have to be active on all social media platforms.

Social media falls under the larger umbrella of the media domain. This industry is very dynamic and hands on, which is why you should complete 2 or more internship projects by the time you complete your academic course. In this way, you will have implemented what is being taught to you in a tailor-made environment that will be yours to work in the future.

What is the job role & career path?

Let me give you a little insight into some of the social media career opportunities. You can be a Social Media Executive (SME) first where your responsibilities will be to execute marketing campaigns on social media and then follow up with a report to your reporting officer on the traction and response achieved.

You will work closely with the marketing team to chalk out a Social Media strategy, that will ask you to create company’s pages on all the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. After gaining experience at that position, you graduate further to be a Social Media Marketing Coordinator (SMMC). Here, you will oversee and manage Social Media strategies that are followed on your platforms probably on a daily basis.

Some of the responsibilities include structuring Social Media strategies, promotion and creating awareness about the company’s brand and initiating marketing campaigns that will create awareness of the company’s brand.

As you go gain more experience in these roles, you go higher up in the chain of hierarchy as well.

How much will I earn?

Now, comes the important part. It’s all about the money, right? So, as opposed to other forms of media (majorly print and broadcast), social media, or anything that has to do with you working on the digital space, fetches you more returns! For starters, a fresher can earn a minimum of 30-35,000 rupees a month. After six years of experience under your belt, you can well be in a position to earn around 10-12 lakh per annum.

However, there’s no substitute for hard work. Working in the media calls for investing long hours, but this industry is such that you can the results of your work as immediate as the next day itself.

This industry is fast growing and slowly, but surely is turning out to be quite lucrative. Now, you won’t have to hide from your parents the next time they see you on Facebook or Instagram, right? Be proud of your work and be sure that you ‘like’ what you do!

- Noel D’Souza, Senior Journalist & Digital Media Maverick