A Career in Social Work

What's this career about?

Social workers in child welfare or family services may counsel children and youth who have difficulty in adjusting socially, advise parents on how to care for disabled children, or arrange for domestic services during a parent's illness.

Medical social workers help patients and their families cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses and handle problems that may stand in the way of recovery or rehabilitation.

Mental health social workers provide services for persons with mental or emotional problems, such as individual and group therapy, outreach, crisis intervention, social rehabilitation, and training in skills of everyday living. They may also help plan for supportive services to ease patients' return to the community.

School social workers diagnose students' problems and arrange needed services, counsel children in trouble, and help integrate disabled students into the general school population.

Social workers in criminal justice make recommendations to courts, and provide services for prison inmates and their families.

In earlier days, social work generally was considered as work done in an honorary capacity for society and was conveyed as 'service to human being is service to God.' Now with the changing social atmosphere, social work is being increasingly taken as a full-fledged whole time paid job.

The usual line of development for a social worker is to start as a caseworker, advance to supervisory position and eventually become an administrator in a public or private social agency.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Dr. Vibha Gupta
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