Put On A Good Face

What Is The Real Job of a Make-Up Artist?

A make-up artist is a professional who uses cosmetic skills and processes to create beauty upon the human body. He/she improves a person's appearance, bringing out colour and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products.

Those involved in stage, film or television production help the performer and the director create a particular look for a character — they're usually given a script and decide what tools will be needed to create the desired effect.

Make-up artists also have to take into account what kind of lights will be used. Application is recorded in detail so that it can be repeated every night (live theatre) or weeks later (if a film is being shot out of sequence).

Some artists specialize in special effects make-up, which may include use of prosthetics. Prosthetics are artificial parts that are added to an actor's body to change their appearance. Examples of prosthetics include vampire teeth, head moulds, special contact lenses, and nose, cheek and chin pieces — basically anything that will change the actor's physical appearance.

Key Skills:

Creativity & Imagination –

As a make-up artist, one needs to be able to be able to bring a character to life visually.

Creativity, innovation and imagination combined with the right training are necessary tools to steer this career option.

Stamina & Endurance –

Make-up artists work both in studios and on location. The hours of work depend on when and where the production is occurring. They are usually required to be on location 2-3 hours before everyone else. Film work isn't quite as glamorous as people think. They need to wait around a lot.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Articles by Dr. Vibha Gupta
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