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Finding the Joy of Christmas

Joy shared is joy doubled!

Christmas is here! Shops are being decorated with Christmas posters and loaded with Christmas goodies.

In the guise of 'give, give, give', the pressure to 'buy, buy, buy' is on. Those with little money to spare begin the struggle to stretch their purses.

Big and shiny, the Christmas of today does not even resemble its humble origin.

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus and proclaims the message of goodwill to love, forgive and share our time, energy and resources with the poor and the needy.

Today, celebrations turn out to be an extravaganza and merely a personal enjoyment without any consideration for the millions of people who are poor and starving. Social media often exposes the incidents of unemployment, poverty, starvation, exploitation and less fortunate children. Can we be blind to these less fortunate and suffering fellow humans?

Real joy comes when it is shared — 'joy shared is joy doubled'.

We spend loads of money and time on expensive dress, colourful decorations and rich food for our celebrations.

Are willing to share our resources with the less fortunate even if it means a small sacrifice on our part? If we do so, certainly we will have the joy of our celebrations doubled.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Articles by Rev. Fr. John Gilbert & P. D. Johny
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