A Newsletter To Help You Enjoy The Sunrise By Opening The Windows Of Opportunities December 2017

Funny Bone

Haha moments from around the world

One road, two countries

Imagine crossing from one side of the road to the other only to realize that you've walked over from one country to another!

This is the case if you're on Rue Canusa in Canada… or is it the USA? It really depends on which side you are standing.

The only thing that separates the two countries is a yellow strip in the middle. The Haskell Opera House is located on this road and the entrance is in USA, but the stage is in Canada! Fun, huh?

Whacky New Year Tradition – You have to eat money to make money!

Italian Americans have a tradition of seasoning their spaghetti with the most unusual condiment at their New Year's lunch.

The oldest woman in the family stirs the tomato gravy and spaghetti along with a healthy dose of dollar bills contributed by different members of the family!

Those who have earned well or received a nice raise are expected to sprinkle high denomination bills generously so that the luck spreads to others when the spaghetti gets served with the money!

A winning smile

We have our own set of obsolete and strange laws, but the best one applies if you aspire to be a motor inspector in Andhra Pradesh.

You need to have clean teeth if you want to be selected for the post, thanks to a century-old law that must have been the brainchild of a dentist-turned-lawmaker!

The 'Boss' of all burgers

Bring along the ten best foodies you know and the bet is that you'll still not be able to polish off this mammoth burger in an hour.

Weighing 105 pounds (that's about the weight of a baby rhino) and measuring 28 inches in diameter and standing majestic and tall at 11.5 inches, this burger is not only the world's biggest, it is also an unconquered beast!

The prize money of $5000 has eluded all so far.

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