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Why Do You Think You Get Bullied?

We don't like it when people bully us but if we had to oppose them we worry we'll be further humiliated. And we fear they'll come back with a vengeance to bully us further and harder.

Time and again, we allow others to take us for granted.

We tend to listen to unpleasant things said about us, swallow the hurt, bury the pain and ignore the resultant scars. After a while it appears like we welcome the crowd to step on our dignity and treat us without respect, care and kindness.

At the core of our passivity lies the fear of what will happen if we actually stood up to fight for what we believed was right in the first place. We don't like being crushed, but we don't like standing up for ourselves either, do we?

Do you know the story of the man, who fed grains to the pigeons outside his kitchen window every morning?

He complained every day — these birds mess the place, make noise, leave their droppings on my windowsill, their feathers give me an allergy; and yet I can do nothing about it.

They come every morning to trouble me. If I don't feed them they'll sit here forever.

At least I'm at peace for the rest of the day, for once I feed them, they fly away and I'm relaxed until the next morning.

Are you missing the same point he was missing?

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Dr. Shefali Batra
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