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Just For Laughs

Touristy Stuff!

Tourist: "Whose skeleton is that?"

Guide: "An old king's skeleton"

Tourist: "Who's that smaller skeleton next to it?"

Guide: "Hmmm…I'm not sure Sir"

Tourist: "I'm paying you Rs. 500 to take me on a guided tour and you do not know?"

Guide: "O just remembered Sir! The smaller skeleton is the same king's skeleton when he was a child!"

A tourist from London enters a village in Haryana and asks aloud, "Any great man born in this village?"

Bunty shouts back, "No Sir, only small babies!"

Pappu was driving a group of tourists in a jeep in the jungle.

Tourist: "If a lion comes close to the jeep, how will we escape?"

Pappu: "So simple…I will use right indicator but turn left!"

Fun @ School

Teacher: : "Can you tell me which is the oldest animal in the world?"

Student: "Zebra"

Teacher: "Why Zebra?"

Student: "Because it is black & white!"

Teacher: : "What is the name of a six sided polygon?"

Johnny: "A sixagon!"

Two 5 year old boys who lived in a small town near the mountains were riding a train to the city for the first time with their teacher.

For a snack, their teacher handed over bananas to them.

The boys had never eaten such a fruit.

Rahul started to eat his banana and the train entered a tunnel.

He yelled, "Sameer, don't eat it! I took two bites and went blind!"

Riddles from The Animal Kingdom

Q1.What do you call a Bee that lives in America?

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Answer :USB!

Q2.Why can't a leopard hide?

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Answer : Because it is always spotted!

Q3.What do you call a monkey that sells potato chips?

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Answer : You call him a chip-munk!

Q4.Why did the giraffe get bad scores in his exams?

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Answer : Because he had his head in the clouds!

Q5.What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?

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Answer : A pouch potato!