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Fast First Aid Tips

From the moment you take your first step, you are bound to have tumbles and falls. While you can't always prevent being hurt, here are some steps to fix any hurt fast!

We all need help at times in our lives. We all have accidents now and again and we all get hurt.

When we are injured or suddenly unwell, what we want and need is someone to help us – someone who knows what to do. First aid is all about helping people in situations like this. We will help you learn first aid so that you know what to do. It's easier than you think, and there are simple things that you can do to help

Cool the Burn under cool water for at least 10 minutes, Cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag, For a serious burn call the emergency number

Staying Safe from burns -
♦  Let Adults remove hot foods or liquids from the oven or stove
♦  Do not play in the kitchen when someone is cooking
♦  No joking around near the stove

Put pressure on the wound and call for help and keep pressure on the wound till help arrives

Staying Safe from Injuries
♦  Don't play with firecrackers
♦  Be careful while using scissors, knives and other sharp objects


With your thumb and index finger, firmly pinch the entire soft part of your nose just above the nostril. Sit or stand and lean your head slightly forward and breathe through your mouth. Never Lie down. Hold this position for 5 minutes. If the bleeding persists, continue holding this position for an additional 10 minutes. Then wrap ice in a towel and apply it to your nose and cheeks until the bleeding has completely stopped

How do you prevent your nose from bleeding again
♦  Discourage nose blowing, picking or rubbing and any rough play.
♦  Try to keep your head higher than the level of your heart.