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Teacher: Geeta, make a sentence starting with the letter i

Geeta: I is...

Teacher: No Geeta, Always say, I am

Geeta: Okay Miss, I am the ninth letter of the alphabet!

Pappu: Dad, the teacher yelled at me today for something I did not do!

Dad: What was that?

Pappu: My homework!

Teacher: Why is your project in your mother's handwriting?

Student: I used her pen!

Funny Exam Answers That Teachers Have Found in Exam Papers–

Q1.What did Queen Elizabeth II do upon ascending the throne?

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Answer : Sit down!

Q2.Name two plays that Shakespeare is famous for

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Answer : Romeo & Juliet!

Q3.Sanjay has 41 chocolates, he eats 28. What does he have now?

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Answer : Sanjay has diabetes!

Q4.What came to an end in 1947?

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Answer : 1946!