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D.Y.K. - Fun Facts that will leave you amazed

As a commercial pilot, you are responsible for the billion-dollar aerodynamic machine they call an airplane and the numerous lives that are entrusted into your hands.

In the event of a catastrophe, the DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security) could be damaged or compromised and we'd be unable to verify if a URL was pointing to the correct website.

These seven people — from Britain, U.S.A., Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, China and the Czech Republic — would then be called upon to restart the World Wide Web.

A minimum of five people are needed because each card contains only a fraction of the recovery key.

No single person holds all the power to resetting our cyber world.

The Pineapple — A Symbol of Wealth and Power

The Dunmore Pineapple in ScotlandIn the 1700s the pineapple was seen as a symbol of wealth and power; a single pineapple could cost the equivalent of $8,000 today!

Pineapples were discovered by Christopher Columbus on one of his voyages to the Caribbean. When he brought them to Spain, European royalty were the only ones who could afford the fruit as it had to be imported.

Craftsmen adopted the fruit as a motif, sculpting it into gateposts, railings and door lintels. The Dunmore Pineapple in Scotland represents a spectacular architectural use of the motif.

World's Heaviest Strawberry

A strawberry and belonging to the Japanese variety Amaou, weighing a whopping 250 grams with an approximate height of 8 cm, length of 12 cm and circumference of 25 to 30 cm has won the Guinness World Records title for the heaviest strawberry.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today
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