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Keep Calm and Travel On a Budget This Vacation!

Your exams are finally over and you need that well-deserved break.

You love to travel, but as a student, you probably have a tight budget! So, how do you manage having fun and saving at the same time?

Backpacking in the North

You can safely plan a five-day trip for as much (or little) as Rs 7,000 to Rs 35,000 depending on the mode of travel.

The North of our country offers adventure activities and pristine landscapes.

Head to Manali, McLeodganj, Rishikesh and Ladakh this summer.You will enjoy paragliding, whitewater rafting, camping, mountain climbing, cycling, camel and yak safaris!

Homestay Options & Beach Camping in Konkan

Clean, picturesque, and affordable, there are plenty of homestay options that provide you basic, but clean twin-sharing rooms right on the beach, for as little as Rs 400.

The beaches in Konkan are also good places to pitch a tent. You will have to ensure you get in touch with a good local or a friend from the area to give you good options.

Desert Diaries

You can go on an eight-day Rajasthan trip for Rs. 12,000. The trick is to travel during off-season and use local transport.

From bumpy camel rides and camping in sand dunes to historical forts and palaces, deserts are unexplored getaways.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Avril Ann Braganza
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