A Newsletter To Help You Enjoy The Sunrise By Opening The Windows Of Opportunities May 2018

Beat The Heat and Stay Fit

Pick up a sport

Whether you like football, tennis, cricket, hockey or badminton, anything that makes you happy is just the best way to ensure you live an active life.

The idea is to enjoy the activity and not take it as a burdensome process.

A scientific study suggests that 87% of people who have played a sport between the ages of 15-24, live a much healthier life post 40 years of age. It just means that what you do for your health today, can impact your life two decades later!

Try a new form of exercise

If walking as a form of exercise bores you, try aerobics.

Aerobis can be done alone or in a group. If there is an aerobics class in your area, you can sign up with them or you can just watch a video online and get started!

It is a combination of exercised performed to music. It has movements like dance steps and can be a lot of fun

Whatever sport or fitness regime you chose this summer, please ensure you stay hydrated with water, fresh juices or coconut water.

Enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors, your body will thank you later!

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Henari Shah & Monarose Sheila Pereira
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