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Revamp Your Footwear

Pick out all your shoes, flats, heels etc. that you wish to reinvent and let's get started.

Glitter Attack!

♦  Things you need: Paintbrush, Fevicol/glue, glitter (a lot of it), old newspaper, cellotape.

♦  Spread out the newspaper and keep your shoes/flats/heels on it and stuff them with newspaper.

♦  Now use the paintbrush to spread glue/Fevicol evenly all over your footwear.

♦  After this, just spread the glitter over it and leave it to dry overnight.

♦  If you want to make stripes or any pattern you can use the cellotape. Before applying glue/Fevicol put tape on the area where you do not want glitter and pull it off after sprinkling the glitter.

♦  You can also make cutouts in a paper and keep it on the footwear to get a different pattern of glitter on it. For example, cut out small hearts or squares on a paper and wrap it around the heel.

Colour Spill
This one brings out the artist in you!

Things you need: Acrylic and/or fabric paint, spray paints, sketch pens, nail paint, toothbrush.

♦   Use a toothbrush to paint and spray different colours, mix colours or use spray paint to colour your shoes.

♦   You can also draw patterns, doodle or write on your shoes with sketch pens.

♦   In case you plan to do something with your heels you can try using nail paint to change the colour or polish the same colour and make them look new.

♦   Don't forget to leave them to dry overnight.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Janvi Manchanda
To read more click here - http://theteenagertoday.com/revamp-your-footwear/