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Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Jobs

Will Artificial Intelligence change the future of work and will it impact jobs we apply for?

Our lives today are the stuff that science fiction movies were made of, perhaps, a decade or two ago.
With virtual assistants, driverless cars, hoverboards, and missions to Mars, devices that come alive at the sound of your voice and perform your every bidding, technology is nothing short of a fantastical miracle.

Just as in real life, what makes our computers and mobiles and other devices 'smart' is intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence or AI, is quite apt in describing the phenomenon when machines start to imitate the human mind; when they begin demonstrating learning, responsiveness and problem solving.

When your phone recognizes your voice command to search for the newest restaurants near you and throws up a plausible list of options, that's artificial intelligence at play.

Siri offering up ideas for your Halloween costume or a drone that navigates overhead scanning the geography below — all fuelled and driven by artificial intelligence.

Another Example of Artificial Intelligence –

Google's self-driving car

So, will robots take our jobs?

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Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Joanne D'Souza
To read more click here - http://theteenagertoday.com/artificial-intelligence-future-of-work/