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Do You Have P-I-G?

No, we're not talking of pets or non-vegetarian diets here. P-I-G is really what differentiates human kind from the animal kind. Yes, the P-I-G is the PROBLEM of IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION...

I want what I want and I want it NOW!
We all have wants and desires and expectations and dreams. They are totally permissible and authorized. What is unsanctioned is your condition that you should get what you want right when you want it.

And you lash out...

...at your friend for not showing up at your party even though you knew he was not well.

...at your mom for cooking something you don't like even though she spent all evening on it.

So what is the P-I-G really?

The Problem of Immediate Gratification is a universal principle referring to the immediate reward of an action seeming more attractive than the harm that it may cause at a later date.

When you act impulsively, you fail to see the long-term significances of your deeds.

If you have the P-I-G, lose it now, before if impacts your life and restrains you from reaching your goals

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Dr. Shefali Batra
To read more click here - http://theteenagertoday.com/do-you-have-pig/