A Newsletter To Help You Enjoy The Sunrise By Opening The Windows Of Opportunities September 2017

A Teacher's Thank-You Letter

From The Desk of Our Chief Career Counsellor Shailaja Mulay

Dear Student,

Greetings for Teacher's Day! Thanks for the trouble taken to make me feel special.

Do you know what role you have played in my life?
You have moved my life, moulded me as a teacher, a creative person, a techno savvy individual, a great human being… Surprised?!

Four decades flown, days have gone by, time has fleeted but you still continue to appreciate me, admire me and greet me , epitomize my teaching, praise my qualities and make me feel GREAT.

You have a niche in my HEART. I have been overwhelmed by glowing tributes through music, dance, skits, speeches, poems and the ambience in the school building. The edifice looks beautiful with the posters and decorations and lovely flowers for me and why.
What did I do? I did my duty for which I was paid.

Your praises instill a positive energy, recharge me and push me to perform better and better. You make me forget my worries, anxieties, illnesses, trials and tribulations and cause me to SMILE, LAUGH AND ENJOY EVERY TEACHING DAY.

You rejuvenate me, energize me and add flavor to the recipe of the boring textbook. You cause me to think beyond, refashion my job profile and remind me of the great task of building a NEW INDIA WITH YOU...

You play the catalyst in my life to CHANGE YOU INTO YOUTH driven for EXCELLENCE.
Dear Young men and women, you have touched my life and developed a bond of golden tassels for 100 years.
I take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the faith you have in me. THIS IS A DIFFERENT INTERACTION. You grow old and I also grow old, yet the bond is strong.

You accepted me on an 'as is' basis and with pride you say "THIS IS MY TEACHER". Thank-you very much for the love.


Your loving yet strict teacher
(This letter voices the feelings of all the teachers over the globe)