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Are You a Social Media Addict?

We are living in a digitalized age and there is an obsession for updating oneself on social media.

There is a constant need to update social profiles; endless anxiety if there are less views, likes, etc., on posts. It has become very important to let everyone know where you are, what you do and who you are with, and the need for acknowledgement has increased tremendously.

Technology and social media are not bad but anything that is used in excess is harmful. It becomes an addiction; you are stuck to it and unable to get out of it.

Social media is not bad, it is just that we need to know how much to use it and be aware of what we want from it. Research says that people who spend more than the required time on Facebook are depressed. It has also been seen that Facebook addiction shows up in the scans of those who can't stay off the site, affecting grey matter in a similar way that cocaine does.

Common signs of social media addicts
If you have any of the following symptoms, seek appropriate help.
♦  The first thing you do when you wake up is check your social media profiles. Your phone is usually with you, on your bed and mostly under the pillow.
♦  You are on your phone till you fall asleep.
♦  You cannot complete a dinner or lunch without checking in on a social media platform.

Excerpts from The Teenager Today – Article by Rachana Awatramani
To read more click here - http://theteenagertoday.com/social-media-addict/