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Music is a universal language, which connects one and all.

Most of us enjoy music in one form or the other - some enjoy listening to it, some like to sing while others like to play musical instruments. You might have also observed that young children become cheerful at the sound of music. In fact, many young children start banging pots and pans or move rhythmically to the sound of music from an early age.

Music makes children joyful and also helps in developing their motor skills. Recent studies in the field of neuroscience have shown music to have a positive effect on children, leading to better academic performance, increased IQ and overall better verbal and communication skills.

Many schools in India do not offer a formal music learning programme as part of their curriculum. In the process, children are losing not only an enjoyable subject, but also a subject that can enrich the life of students. Music has several benefits and exposing young children to a variety of instruments, choral arrangements and styles of music enhances their life experience.

Realising the lack of structured music education in Indian schools, Furtados School of Music laid its foundation in 2011 with the goal to make quality music education accessible to one and all.

With a vision to make a structured curriculum, which has been intricately designed to prepare students for international music examinations, in the long run, FSM has grown from 400 students to 15,000 students across 60 schools in just a span of six years. Its centres are spread all across the country in major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon and Bangalore.

For more information, visit the Furtados School of Music website or call +91-9833775566