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Future Focus India

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Here you can get all the detailed information related to various streams and courses you can choose after completing your school.

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Our message to the youth!


Merwyn Sequeira,
Founder & Director

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

FutureFocusIndia.com was launched in January 2017, with multiple objectives of guiding young minds. The purpose of Future Focus India is to help one get into the right career stream, depending on one’s aptitude and interest, thus blending individualistic capabilities and interests with technology, also staying focused on the dynamically changing business ethos. 

As we know, no one plans to fail, but people fail to plan. Hence, it is important that one should plan their career path, seek professional assistance, and upgrade skills to stay ahead of the curve. Being flexible and adaptable to the ever changing business environment is a necessity.


Ms. Shailaja Mulay,
Chief Career Counsellor

Future focus India, is like a sunrise of careers. The intention is to enable students in their career with different resources and avenues through our platform.

It’s not just a newsletter but a bouquet of academic flowers with quizzes, adjustment analyzer, riddles, career informative articles, extra-curricular activities based information, job opportunities and other grooming   parameters.

We have done it in the past which has helped many students, and now with a new avatar, I can vouch that if you are a part of future focus you will only fly high.