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Free Career Aptitude Quiz

Confused about which career to choose?

Future Focus India offers you a free easy – to complete quiz which helps you find out and understand which courses match your interests, personality & aptitude.

Complete the quiz in one go to help you understand your true potential and take you steps closer to fulfill your career dream by selecting the right stream/ job profile.

The career aptitude quiz has been designed by Ms. Shailaja Mulay – An M.A. in Counselling & Educational Psychology and an M.Ed. in Advanced Educational Statistics & Vocational Guidance with 30+ years of experience in teaching & career counselling, Ms. Shailaja spearheads career counselling at Future Focus India.

Please read the instructions carefully before taking the Quiz

– Be honest while you complete the quiz, as it will help you get an accurate feedback. Please do not seek any external help.

– The quiz has aptitude and personality based questions. Attempt all the questions.

– You would receive the quiz result immediately via email. So enter the correct email id.

Drop all your queries helpdesk@futurefocusindia.com and check for information on webinars where you can find your answers. 


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