Project Future

Champs, a heart-felt initiative of Resource Management Plus Pvt Ltd (Recruitment Firm of 25+ years) has been reaching out to children between the ages of 16-21 years to primarily provide them an interactive website that has a Career Quiz, Career Counselling and Career Assessment options.

Apart from this, we also intend to create a platform for Students to participate in various competitions like Elocution (Online and Offline), Singing, etc. Our plan is to begin with Mumbai and then conduct these pan-India. Winners will of course be awarded and have presence on both our website and partner Magazine (The Teenager Today Magazine).

All Participants will also receive Participation Certificates with mention of their Schools. Besides, we are active on our social media platforms to help create exposure for the young talent.

We also intend to present various videos on Counselling covering different areas of a Students’ life like Career, Relationships, Health etc.


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